• Sup, I see your page. I would like to become your wikia helper :D Im currently working on my wikia as well but it would be nice to exchange ideas.

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    • Sweet, I'd love to have you edit here but at the moment it's pretty inactive because I'm not really on wikia as much anymore and the founder just isn't on in general but in the near future I shall be on more.

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    • I see, well I would love to help you guys out and make the wiki grow. If you ever need anything or any help come on over to and leave a message on my wall. Im currently a founder as well and it is a responsible job but Tron is awesome. Hopefully Ill help out by creating some pages on here :)

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    • Hi JjBlue,

      Well, the wiki was going great, but due to the Tron Uprising Series getting cancelled we sort of have put this wiki on the backburner. I am a bug TRON fan and would some extra help on here, but with my busy schedule it's hard and with the series being cancelled it sort of took the fun out of keeping it up. Anyways TRON still lives on and the characters do as well for the animated series so we'll see what happens. Feel free to add any characters you wish to the wiki from the Tron Uprising Series. I try to check back time to see if anything is going on with the wiki. :) Thanks again for your willingness to want to help!

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    • No problem, I love to help and get active on wikia. Thank you for the opportunity, hopefully this wiki will rise. Tron Uprising should be given some credit. See you soon. 

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    • A FANDOM user
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